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Sheldon Trosko
Hey Peter,

Real nice looking site. Always was a fan before I made the move out this way. From one of the top stunts out there, to STUNTDAWGS, and now I can’t wait to see Vladimir. Getting to work with you has been an honour, and a lot of laughs. Looking forward to doing it again sometime. I would like to say I wish I saw Reanimator maybe after we worked together… Would have made the handshake less awkward. Ha ha. All and all looks like everything is looking up, always have my fingers crossed. Stay good buddy, see you around…
21 April 2011 - Vancouver, BC

Rob Leslie
It's been an incredible experience working with you in your prospective reality series. It was a real life changer for me when I was aimlessly looking for something to be a part of when I first got to Vancouver. Very happy I asked Jon Funk about recording video of an upcoming martial arts tournament over a year ago during a Kung Fu class drop in.
20 April 2011 - Vancouver, BC

Webmaster comments   Nice working with such a great camera man and photographer. I appreciate all your efforts buddy!

Claudia-Janet Kaller
:biggrin: Your very own website, cannot believe what I see
"Like a true Nature's child, we were born, born to be wild!" - Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf :wink:
Congratulations! :thumbup: getting the new character on CHAOS - hope the hitman called "Claus" will return a lot of times! :smile: Fill him with all the good stereotype stuff about Germans!
Moege er fuer immer leben!
(May he live forever!) :tongue:

CJ :cool:
The Reporter
31 March 2011 - Hamburg, Germany

Webmaster comments   Thanks Hamberger! Will do the best on my German character. Not too stereotype tho.

Kendall Beleshko

The Mighty Austrian Oak has said it all!

It's about time you got a site up. Great start to much more on the foreseeable horizon.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and more so calling you a friend!

All the best in 2011 and beyond!
30 March 2011 - Hollywood North

Webmaster comments  
Thanks KGB! I have a great webmaster!

Peter DeLuise

I dig your website, Dude!

So much stuff to look at.

I'm very impressed. There are not a lot of people in the world who would take a shirtless picture with Arnold S.

All the Best Compadre, Peter DeLuise
30 March 2011 - Vancouver

Webmaster comments  
Thanks brother from another mother! Yeah, that pic was many moons ago, on Commando, when I could get away with it. Check back, we have a lot of photos and videos coming soon!

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