Peter H. Kent in the Media

Interview With Legendary Terminator Stuntman Peter Kent
Added August 30, 2013

Peter Kent to host a seminar in Vaughn
Added August 1, 2013

Watch a 7 minute clip on youtube from Peter's School of Hard Knocks
Added August 1, 2013

July 2013, Dave of 80s Picture House did a podcast interview with Peter - you can hear or download it here: Peter Kent - Hollywood Stuntman
Added August 1, 2013

May 2013, there was another cool interview with Peter - this time at FaithFLixFilms, titled Peter Kent - Hollywood Stuntman
Added August 1, 2013

April 2013, there was a great interview with Peter Kent on the blog of TVStoreOnline, titled Arnold's Stuntman - The Peter Kent Interview
Added August 1, 2013

Kevin Stearn of "Beyond the Marquee" did a great piece on the T2 Bike Jump Location - Los Angeles River
Added August 1, 2013

Peter just did an interview with TheArnoldFans website:
Peter Kent - The Man Behind the T800 Mask
Added October 20, 2012

Peter was busy being interviewed in September 2011!

Peter could be going into politics - keep your fingers crossed on November 19!
From the Squamish Chief, September 30:
Kent, Sander enter Squamish council race

On September 24, Peter was a guest on CKNW News Talk 980 The World Today Weekend with Sean Leslie.

In city that sees hundreds of movies made here each year, Vancouver also sees its fair share celebrities. But in many action movies, each of the actors has a stunt-double. Tune in to hear what it’s like to be a stunt double in “Hollywood North.”

You can download the whole interview here:
MP3 file size: 2.7 MB, duration: 7:42 minutes

On September 22, 1011, there was a full page article about Peter Kent in The Vancouver Sun.
Click to read How to fall 10 storeys without killing yourself (2.2 mb PDF)

September 9, 2011 in The Squamish Chief:
Stunt master shares his skills

Read the 4 page interview with Peter in the February 2011 UK Impact magazine

Click to read Peter Kent interview in IMPACT, page 54 (5 MB Acrobat PDF file)
IMPACT page 55 (2 mb PDF)
IMPACT page 56 (2 mb PDF)
IMPACT page 57 (2 mb PDF)
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January 15, 2006:
GlobalArnold: Former Arnold Body Double is 'Stuntdawg'