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2013 August 30

Peter did a great interview with
Please check out the Media page for a link to the interview.

2013 August 1

The School of Hard Knocks starts in Vancouver in September 2013
Please check out the Stunt School page for more details.

There are also a lot of new links on the Media page - Peter has given a lot of interviews lately.

2013 February 1

The School of Hard Knocks starts in Vancouver the first weekend of April 2013
Please check out the Stunt School page for more details.

2012 December 16

Peter will be a guest at GalaxyCon in Düsseldorf on September 6-8.
Please check out the convention page for more details.

And some REALLY cool news:
Peter has been invited to show his movie Superheroes Don't Need Capes at the Sundance Festival 2013 (January 17-27). It's a 60 minute drama about bullying and in addition to playing the father of the Cole character, Peter also acted as associate producer, co-wrote the script and directed 2nd unit.
Check out the merchandise page for info on buying the DVD.

There are also 3 new photos in the candids gallery - the three bottom ones.

2012 October 20

Already sold out for Nov 24th StuntLab, we are now selling fast for the 25th of Nov as well. Come and join in the fun, firearms fight choreo and wire flying adventure. Get your fix until we run our big SOHK class in the spring of '13!!
Check details below at the "2012 February 15" entry.

Check out the new interview Peter did with TheArnoldFans website:
Peter Kent - The Man Behind the T800 Mask

2012 August 22

Meet Peter Kent at the HorrorHound Weekend in Indianpolis, September 7-9
See more details on the convention page.
Keep an eye on the convention page - there might soon be news for European fans.

2012 February 15

Come down and join us for a day of fights, filming, insight and flying into a crash mat!
Where: Shoreline Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
When: February 25, 2012.

Click the mini-posters to read the details.

2012 January 27

Get ready for another semester at "The School of Hard Knocks" - the 3 week course takes place various Vancouver locales in March/April. Check the Stunt School Page for details.

2012 January 25

Great News: Peter is on the JJ Abrams TV Series "Alcatraz" again! Yeah, once you've been in prison, there is a pretty good chance you end up behind bars again.

In the cold January rain Peter had his share of fun returning as prisoner #1 - who hopefully will get a real name soon... Now we only have to keep our fingers crossed that Peter will turn into a real TV- jailbird and come back for another episode! So JJ Abrams if you read this, we want Peter H. Kent back on your show!

And if you need a cool beefy guy in a red sweater, book him for your next STAR TREK movie, Kirk & Co will love to have him on his crew to boldly go where no man - or woman ;o) - has gone before...

"Alcatraz" starts airing early summer 2012, we'll keep you updated!

2011 November 29

Mark Miller was set on fire on - of course strictly supervised by the stunt school instructors - the link opens in a new window.

2011 November 20

Added a trailer for the movie 'Race to the Finish' that Peter co-wrote, co-directed, co-produced and acted in.

2011 October 05:
Keep an eye out for more upcoming interviews ... Newsweek for instance.
And a Discovery special...

Next School of Hard Knocks starts October 28.

Site updates: Added Peter's 4th visit on Urban Rush to the video page

2011 October 04:
October 07, 2011 Peter will start shooting the movie RACE TO THE FINISH in Buffalo, NY, USA. He co-wrote the script and is 2nd unit director as well. It is a story about the bullying of children at school, on the way home, etc... Rumor has it he will also play a little part in front of the camera.

Site updates: Added two new headshots, added a clip from ETC on the video page and added a bunch of links on the media page.

2011 September 08:
There's a new resume in town!
And happy news! Peter has a role in the new JJ Abrams TV series "Alcatraz".
Keep your fingers crossed that it will be a recurring role!
Besides, the role as prisoner #1 is quite a step up from thug #7.
Or maybe it's that thug #7 got caught ...

2011 June 29:
New Stunt School classes start in August - deadline for signing up is July 31st
Check the Stunt School page for details.

2011 March 30:
We will set bonfires in your honor all over Denmark - or maybe because it's Sankt Hans ;-)

Added photos to the Headshot gallery and the Candids gallery

Old news: Sadly CHAOS didn't go to series.

2011 March 30:
The guestbook is now online Entries won't show up until they have been approved by Admin. Email addresses won't be visible.

Added one of Peter's ARK stories on the projects page. Read Brownie Bear's Bad Day

Old news - but better late than never!
One of Peter's stunts was listed on CNN's The Screening Room's Top Ten Stunts.

2011 March 28:
Peter is currently filming the role of Klaus, the German hitman for the upcoming comedic drama series, CHAOS from CBS
Series premiere April 1, Friday 8/7c
And the accent will be Bavarian, just like Arnies.

Added a page about Peter's stunt school - deadline for signing up is April 30

2011 March 24:
Added a Projects page - yes, yes, the galleries ARE coming soon!
Or A gallery.

2011 March 23:
Added a Resume page

2011 March 22:
Added Starcon convention to the Conventions page
Added all pages of the Impact interview on the Media page

2011 March 19:
First pages of online.