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Logline –A true pioneer’s story of April Rose Moran. Her hardscrabble Centenarian life, loves and struggle for survival in the West, through 2 wars and the death of her family.

Also - a Novel in progress.

THE CATCH (Action/Adventure)
Logline –Fishermen Tony Strand runs afoul of a robbery on the high seas. Murder, racial hatred and aboriginal mysticism lead him down the path to self-discovery and revenge.

CRUNCH & JUDIE (Action/Comedy)
Logline – Retired NFL players Crunch Cavanaugh and Jude Alteri run interference in a bungled plot to assassinate the head of the DEA by a Columbian drug lord’s widow.

Logline - Ex S.A.S. man Jonathan Crane returns from Afghanistan to find the Taliban warlord he killed has sent his son to take nuclear revenge against North America.

Logline - Former S.A.S. man Crane reunites with his Hong Kong counterpart in Vancouver for some R & R, only to be thrown into an Asian gang war over heroin trade.

SPELLBOUND – (Action/Comedy)
Logline - Eddy has found the girl of his dreams, but she can only be attained by Black magic, unleashing 2 of Satan’s demons who plan their masters Midsummers dominance.

A CHRISTMAS GIFT – (Family drama)
Logline – 10 year old Marcia Turner orphaned and hospitalized by a car accident, finds hope and love through 3 guardian angels who champion her and a new family circle.

SCHLUBBY – (Comedy short)
Logline – Arthur Levine finds work at the sex toy factory unrewarding, so he plots revenge and pulls the strings of those who have crossed him, with hilarious results.

A.R.K. (Actors Reading for Kids) Theater
Peter is always writing and performing,(with his band of renegade actors) childrens stories for assorted elementary schools throughout Vancouver, Children’s Hospital, and Vancouver’s Canuck Place. His crazy fairy tales and stories are designed to stimulate, educate and tickle the funny bone of kids everywhere. So far there are 10 playful and lighthearted stories in the series. Possibly a kid’s book in the works?

You can read one of the stories here - Brownie Bear's Bad Day (opens a PDF file)

Reality & Scripted Television

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