Name: Peter Harris Kent
Born: June 23, 1957 in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
Height: 6'5
Family: Wife Marcia, sons Hunter and Ryder, parents deceased.
School: Life in general - I have learned more from book reading and being inquisitive than anything else.
Sports: No way, stunts was enough.
Favorite Childhood Hangout: The woods in North Vancouver

Quote: “ Let us put an end, once and for all, to this discussion of what a good man should be - and be one.”
- Marcus Aurelius

Born June 23, 1957 in North Vancouver, Canada; Peter was predestined to be a thrill seeking adrenaline addict. As a child, raised along the banks of the often treacherous Seymour River, he was shooting rapids and climbing the highest trees available, then dropping through the branches to the ground, or pedaling his bicycle across planks 12 feet atop the family laurel hedge, to get the desired adrenaline rush, always resulting in lacerations, stitches and a shit eating grin. Unfortunately his poor mother was rarely grinning. Nearly killed in several horrific car crashes in the early 80's, one in particular altered his facial structure so much, that he was said to resemble actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then fate lent a hand....

In 1983, after years of being a jack of all trades, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a film career, having no previous experience or acquaintances there. After living in the notorious YMCA off Sunset strip for 6 months, he was taken under the wing of James Cameron to double Arnold Schwarzenegger during the filming of Terminator. His minimal stunt experience did not stop him from quickly learning the ropes, (thru the incredible assistance of coordinators Frank Orsatti and Bob Yerkes, to whom I am forever indebted) and becoming one of the most recognized stunt men in the business, in constant demand for interviews and TV appearances with Germanys Pro 7, Der Stern, People Magazine, US, Entertainment Tonight, The LA Times and New York Times, just to name a few.

His association with Arnold Schwarzenegger spanned 14 films over 13 years, both as friend, workout partner, ski buddy, confidant, chef and dialogue coach to the star. His apprenticeship on 14 of the largest action pictures (Terminator through Jingle All The Way) has put him in a position to understand that genre fully, something he carried into his writing career at the suggestions of producer Joel Silver and directors Walter Hill, James Cameron and others. He has completed 6 action and comedy scripts and published his autobiography, STAND OR FALL, autobiography of a stuntman (Anchor Books) while also creating many reality and scripted TV concepts, which he continues to do.

Returning to Vancouver - AKA Hollywood North - after a 14 years, he has become one of the busiest actor/writer/producer/directors in town. If business slowed, Peter didn't. He wrote, produced & directed his independent short Bombmakers, founded ARK (Actors Reading for Kids) in honor of his late mother Margaret and guest lectured at schools throughout the region, as well as teaching "hands-on" experimental film to Grade 6 & 7 students, something ground breaking and ultimately rewarding.

After creating & hosting his behind-the-scenes stunt series, STUNTDAWGS, he received a Gemini Award for Excellence in Television in the Human Interest Category. Broadcast in Canada on The Movie Network, Movie Central and Discovery Channel Europe, the series has won many accolades for its gritty expose' of the great risks stuntmen and women take , while at the same time illustrating how intricate movie stunts are planned and executed.

Peter was inducted into the Hollywood Stuntmen Hall of Fame in 2009 for outstanding achievement and in 2007 he married his soul mate, Marcia. In 2009 they were blessed with twin boys Ryder and Hunter, both of whom seem destined to follow in some aspect of "show" business. Peter is still very much connected with the stunt industry, as head of his Vancouver based stunt school - Peter Kent's School of Hard Knocks - Check it out on Facebook

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He is available for stunt coordinating, 2nd unit directing, hosting, screenwriting, interviews, conventions, teaching and lectures.

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